Here’s my special Halloween treat for you!!!

Watch the Pirouettes cover of “THRILLER”

Angie’s band, The Pirouettes, performed “Thriller” at the Halloween Pops Concert in Shryock Auditorium on Southern Illinois University’s campus.  Here’s my cute Ladybug:

The Pirouettes also performed their cover of “Thriller” live on 91.1 FM.
Here’s what Angie had to say on Facebook:

“Amy Myers thought it was ok to not shower because we were playing on the radio, wrong. We also thought it’d be ok to not have the words memorized since we were singing on the radio, once again, wrong.”

BUT nonetheless here’s our version of THRILLER! Happy Halloween :)”

The Pirouettes performing “Thriller” (Cover)  on Rock with The Ox! 91.1 FM, Community Radio for southern Illinois!!

My daughter, Angie, is the lead vocalist.  You can hear more of the Pirouettes’ original music on YouTube or visit

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy…and lots of thrills on Halloween night!


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