Why I LOVE being a Lemon Dropper!!!

Lemon Droppers, Brand New Twist, Young Living Essential Oils

Becoming a Lemon Dropper was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my life!!! Forget the fact that essential oils have dramatically improved our life both physically and emotionally. Being a member of this “tribe” has touched my soul in such an amazing way.

“People. That’s what this business is about. Everything else, the health, the money, the rewards, the perks, the events, it’s all icing. The people are the core of the Lemon Droppers and they will always be.” ~~ Lindsay Moreno

Lindsay Moreno is the founder of the Lemon Droppers. She is an AMAZING woman, a loving and supporting mentor, an incredible leader, and a brilliant business woman!!!!

I love every word of Lindsay Moreno’s quote about this video,

“This video was born of a desire I had in my heart to tell others what the business of being a Lemon Dropper is all about. I wanted to convey to people that are afraid of MLM business that we’re afraid right along with them. We get them. We are not typical. We are just like YOU! Let this be a part of your life and it can be the biggest blessing on your life and the lives of your family and friends.

So, some of my friends and I invested in the idea and we came together to create a way to tell people who we are and to let people know they belong. “We’re not just about business. We’re a tribe. A clan. A family.” You guys, everyone belongs here. We are the place for everyone else. When people feel like they don’t have a home outside of their home, I want that to be us. When our friends need a place to belong, I want that to be us. That IS us.”

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