My Very First Silhouette Cameo Project!!! Peace, Love and Joy Notecard

I’M SO EXCITED!!! I fell in love with Silhouette projects I had seen on Pinterest & various Stampin’ Up! demonstrator’s blogs, so I asked Santa, (my very generous husband), to bring me a Silhouette Cameo.

I didn’t get to unpack it until this evening. Once I installed the software I did a quick Google search for tutorials. I found “The Mother Lode” of tutorials at “The Thinking Closet” and based my very first project on Lauren’s “Thousand Thanks” card tutorial.

The Thinking Closet, a thousand thanks card

Lauren’s tutorial was great. It was very easy to understand, which I really appreciated since I had never actually seen an electronic cutting machine before and didn’t have a clue how to use the machine or the software.

I used the same font that Lauren used, changing “a thousand thanks” to my favorite sentiment, “Peace, Love and Joy”.  I had a few issues with not “welding” the letters together perfectly in a couple spots, and my cutting mat is way too sticky so I tore the paper a little trying to remove my notecard, BUT I am totally excited with the results!!!

Here’s my very first electronic cutting machine project…a “Peace, Love and Joy” notecard sized to fit in a standard business size envelope…it’s not perfect, but I can’t believe I did something so cool on my very first attempt at using my new Silhouette Cameo!!!

Silhouette Cameo Project No. 1 - Peace, Love and Joy Notecard Sized for standard legal size envelope. Whisper White card stock layered on Basic Black card stock.

Silhouette Cameo Project No. 1 – Peace, Love and Joy Notecard
Sized for standard legal size envelope.
Whisper White card stock layered on Basic Black card stock.

Now my only problem is that it’s already 1:54 a.m. and I want to play some more…but I really need to get some sleep…but I’m too excited to sleep and can hardly wait to try Lauren’s other tutorials!!!

Peace, Love and Joy,





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10 Replies to “My Very First Silhouette Cameo Project!!! Peace, Love and Joy Notecard”

    • I know!!! Isn’t it awesome!!! Lauren’s tutorial was so easy. Although this first project was far from perfect (paper torn, words not fully “welded”) I wanted to post it anyway so people could see what you could do with absolutely no prior knowledge on how to use the Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine.

      I’m betting that next year you’ll be getting a Christmas gift made with my new toy!!! Love you little sister!!!

      Peace, Love and Joy,

    • Thanks Anne! I think I’m going to have a LOT of fun with this gadget!!! You can come over and play with it sometime if you want to!

      Peace, Love and Joy,

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out! I’m hoping now that I’ve made the changes, it will be easier for crafters to leave comments! I would enjoy having more interaction with visitors.
      Peace, Love and Joy,

  1. What a clever idea! I think I will do this too. It’s a great way to advertise when sending notes or thank you’s. And yes, that too sticky mat can sometimes be a major frustration. I save one of my used mats for those more delicate papers and use the new ones with the heavier card stock and straight cuts first to wear some of the sticky off.

    I also use cricut mats because they are less expensive.(2 for the same price as 1 of the Silhouette mats) And the cricut “spatula” is much easier to use when picking the design off the mat.

    • Hi Kate!

      I’m so excited that you visited my blog since your blog ( was one of the ones that really sparked my interest in a Silhouette Cameo! I’m glad that you liked this project. Thanks so much for the tips on the cutting mats! I’ll be sure to get a Cricut mat and spatula when I’m at the craft store.

      Peace, Love and Joy,

  2. You know I’m flattered as all get-out that you were able to use my tutorial to tackle and conquer your first project! And the “Peace, love, and Joy” saying is so perfect for SO many cards, I may have to make some myself the next time I whip up a batch! You have been such a source of JOY already to our FB group and I know this is only the beginning. Your excitement over your new machines is infectious, and I can only wait to see the many other creative creations you cook up in the days ahead.

    • Hi Lauren,
      I’m soooooo excited to be a part of your Facebook group!!! In just the first few days of my membership I’ve already learned so much from everyone. I’m incredibly flattered that you took the time to visit my blog and leave a message! Absolutely made my day!!!
      Peace, Love and Joy,

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