Worry never fixes anything ~ Ernest Hemingway

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Challenge 5: Faith

Welcome to day five of the #OolaYLChallenge! Today we’re exploring the fifth “F” of Oola—Faith.  Although “having faith” means different things to each individual. In general, faith is rooted in gratitude, humility, and an understanding of your greater purpose in the world.

With our lives today being so chaotic and stressful, it’s easy to lose faith.  We over-analyze and over-think every situation.  Our lives are crazy-busy and we have a hard time falling asleep because our minds won’t shut up!!!  We worry over every detail of the previous day, what is coming up the following day, and about things that are weeks or even months away!!!  We find ourselves consumed with worry.

We often worry ourselves sick about things that “may” happen, that end up never even happening!!!    Guess what? It takes the same amount of energy to pray or meditate as it does to worry.

Worry never fixes anything

Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to pray or meditate about your worries as often as you think about them.  Whether it is the things that cause you stress, your fears, or your “Why Lord?” questions.

Start simply by beginning your day with a prayer or brief meditation session.

When you feel worries building in your mind throughout the day, use that as a cue to think about productive ways to deal with those worries.  Deliberately turn your focus on to your blessings and your loved ones.


Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening

End the day with gratitude.  Focus on the good and the bad of the day, and find what makes your grateful for both.

Put a couple drops of Faith™ essential oil blend in the palms of your hands and inhale as you say, “I am grateful, humble, and fully connected.”

Oola Infused 7 oilsFaith Inspired by Oola essential oil: This blend has been specially formulated with a meditative scent to help you feel grateful, humble, and fully secure in your place in this world. This confidence-boosting blend enhances spiritual influences, promoting deeper meditation and a greater sense of spiritual awareness and connectedness.

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