Essential Oils vs. the Dark Side of the Perfume Industry

Essential Oil PerfumesPerfumes can be both intoxicating and seductive.  Many perfumes evoke deep emotions or sweet memories. However, there is a dark side to the perfume industry to which you may not be aware.  Commercial perfume manufacturers are allowed to withhold information on their ingredients to protect trade secrets.  Many of the secret ingredients are potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals (mostly petrochemicals) that are known toxins and carcinogens.

More than 95 percent of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals. These chemicals include: benzene derivatives, aldehydes, phthalates, and a slew of other known toxins that are capable of causing cancer, birth defects, nervous-system disorders and allergies—some of which are cited on the EPA’s hazardous waste list.

Additionally, studies by Dr. Philip J. Landrigan of the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center, link fetal exposure to toxic chemicals with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders.

Unfortunately, these toxic chemicals are found in even the most popular and expensive perfumes.  16 percent of the colognes, fragrances, and perfumes reviewed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) contain carcinogenic ingredients, including 38 secret chemicals found in 17 brand name perfumes that they tested. A ¼ ounce bottle of perfume that sells for $150.00 is a combination of alcohol and chemically transformed petroleum.

I was researching for an upcoming EO Tools “Essential Perfumes” Make & Take that I’m doing, and this post showed up in my Facebook news feed.  (It’s kind of SPOOKY when that happens!!!!!)


“Essential Oil Perfumes make scents!”

Don’t despair!!!  You can still smell lovely!!! Perfumes made with essential oils allow for a non-toxic, natural way to enjoy perfume blends!!! Plus essential oil perfumes make GREAT GIFTS for Mother’s Day gift-giving!!!

One thing I’ve discovered, is that often people who get terrible headaches when they’re around perfume or scented products, can enjoy the scent of essential oils when worn as perfume or diffused to freshen the air in your home!!!

I’m really looking forward to teaching my friends how to make all-natural, non-toxic essential oil perfumes in our Essential Perfumes Make & Take!!!

Here are “Essential Perfumes” Make & Take recipes that my friends and I will be making:

Bliss – A floral oriental blend.
Harmony – Fruit & citrus blend.
Love – A floral, rosey blend.
Peace – An aquatic, earthly blend. (unisex)
Pure – Green, fresh, citrus blend. (unisex)
Rebel – Musky blend. (unisex)
Terra – Woody, earthy blend. (unisex)
Secret – A soft, powdery floral blend.
Strong – Woody blend. (unisex)
Urban – Soft, chic, citrusy blend. (unisex)

Do you get a headache when you’re around people who smell like they bathe in perfume???  Do you feel sick when you are shopping in a store that sells scented candles???

If you’d like MORE INFORMATION on making Essential Perfumes, leave a comment below.

Peace, Love and Joy,






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