Featured Product: Spiral Flower Originals Die from Stampin’ Up!

I recently shared with you My #1 MUST HAVE item from the 2014 Stampin’ Up! Occasion Catalog. Today I’d like to tell you more about the Spiral Flowers Originals Die, which came in a close second on my list. (See Page 15 in the 2014 Occasions Catalog.)

Handmade paper flowers are beautiful, but cutting them by hand is time-consuming, especially if you’re making a bouquet. With the Spiral Flower Originals Die and your Big Shot die-cutting machine, you can quickly cut a whole bouquet of flowers. 

Let’s watch this video from Stampin’ Up! to learn more:

Here are some additional tips to help you make perfect handmade flowers with the Spiral Flowers Originals Die:

  • It just takes a quarter sheet of card stock (4.25″ x 5.5″) so you can get four flowers out of one sheet of card stock. Plus, you can stack them and cut all four at once!
  • Using the bone folder, as shown in the video, helps to break down the fibers and “relaxes” the paper so it rolls up easily. Starting at the small tip and working towards the base is easiest. Go gently so it doesn’t tear BUT if it does, don’t worry, just tape it together with Scotch tape and you’ll never know it ripped.
  • You can make different sized blooms simply by how you roll them up. For a smaller bloom, grasp the end with a pair of tweezers to tightly roll the flower. You could roll it around a Sharpie marker for medium flowers or roll loosely with your fingers for the largest flower.
  • Use a glue gun on the base for a firm hold. If you don’t have a glue gun, the Tombow Multi-purpose Adhesive works great.
  • Fill a Stampin’ Spritzer with rubbing alcohol to spray on the cardstock, then crumple the flower up in your hands, gently unwind and let it dry. The alcohol will dry quickly then you can roll it up for a fabulous shabby chic flower.
  • Sponge the edges of the spiral flower before rolling it up to add depth to the flower.
  • Achieve an easy vintage look by using the Stampin’ Up! Core’dinations paper and use the Stampin’ Sanding Block to lightly sand the spiral flowers before you roll them up.
  • Cut a spiral flower from two coordinating colors of cardstock, layer them together with the darker color on bottom, then roll them up for a two-tone flower!
  • Try cutting a flower from fabric, felt, foil or leather.  Use a glue gun to attach the flower to a hair clip, pin back, or ring base that you get from your local craft store for fabulous, fun flowers to wear!

You can order the Spiral Flower Originals Die at joycefisher.stampinup.net or click on the “Shop Online With Me” button in the sidebar.

Spiral Flower Originals Die Item #129379 / Price: 17.95

Spiral Flower Originals Die
Item #129379 / Price: 17.95

The Spiral Flower Originals Die makes it so easy to make perfect handmade paper flowers. Order your Spiral Flower Originals Die today! I think you’ll be inspired to make a whole bouquet to decorate your home, for the bride to use at her wedding rehearsal, or as a gift for Mother’s Day. A bouquet would also be really nice to take when you visit a friend at the hospital since most hospitals no longer allow you to bring fresh cut flowers.  Who are you going to make your first handmade bouquet for?


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