Silhouette Cameo Project #8 – LOVE Banner for Valentine’s Day

I LOVE making banners!!! I wanted to make one for the “Valentine’s Project Round-Up” being hosted by The Silhouette Challenge group on Facebook. (Scroll down for details on how I made the banner.) The Silhouette Challenge is such a fabulous group to belong to! It currently has 459 members who are established Silhouette owners and designers and also lots of newbies….like me!!! I joined right after I made my first project and I’ve learned so much already from these wonderfully generous women! So back to the banner. So like I said earlier, I love banners!!! When I heard that Stampin’ Up! Continue Reading →

Granny’s got a cute little ass!

Granny’s got a cute little ass! ass 1 |as|noun ORIGIN: Old English assa, from a Celtic word related to Welshasyn, Breton azen, based on Latin asinus. A hoofed mammal of the horse family with a braying call, typically smaller than a horse and with longer ears.  In general use, a donkey.  [Genus Equus, family Equidae: E. africanus of Africa, which is the ancestor of the domestic ass or donkey, and E. hemionus of Asia.] And here you thought I was being vulgar!  Ha ha! Granny, Papa Coonie, Red & Angie Granny’s reaction when she sees her Christmas present is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! She was so surprised, excited and happy that she said she was going to cry!  If the video doesn’t appear below try Continue Reading →